Step on the box

We connect students, educational institutions and organisations to work together on impactful challenges!

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What we believe

The world and everything on it is facing countless challenges. We are realizing that something has to change, but what? And how can that be done?

Everyone needs to act from their own strength to meaningfully contribute to today’s challenges. Interdisciplinary collaborations and a challenge-based approach are essential for future-proof innovations. Effective ecosystems need to be built to foster these innovations.

Step on the Box is the place on which these ecosystems are established. We connect students, organisations and educational institutions to work together on impactful challenges!

This way we want to

Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation (SDG 9)

Increase the awareness for sustainability in education (SDG 4)

Strengthen global partnership for sustainable development (SDG 17)

Why step on the box?

Community & network

More than 500 organisations, 52 educational institutions and 40.000 students worked with us on making impact

Challenge software

During the 10 years of working on challenges, our IT-team developed the software into ready-to-use and tailor make options

Expertise & support

With our 10 years of expertise and more than 400 organised challenges we offer expertise, workshops, tips & tricks and fulltime support


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