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The challenge

Information provision

The idea is to ask the students to think about other forms of how more profit can be made from information provision. For which markets could this be interesting, how can they be approached and what will the solution look like?

This question therefore consits of a combination of a business case description and of technological challenges that play a role, where both sides must be discussed. Accessibility and intuitive use are important factors in this regard. Thus:

- Where do people run more risks that are better avoided? Outside the security authorities?

- How can the “system as a whole” be used for even better information provision? And what information?

- Which elements and steps must be taken to realize this?

- What would the solution look like in general terms?

The why

Why is this challenge important?

We believe that a lack of information should never be the limiting factor in decision-making. The added value of our solution lies in multiple devices that collectively act as a “system” to increase the situation awareness of the environment.

The solution

What outcome are we looking for?



What do we expect from the participants?



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