Energy and sustainability

High tech systems

The challenge

Energy and sustainability

A lot of energy gets lost, especially in the kitchen. Therefore we want to create a way to capture this energy and convert it into new energy.

This can be for example steam vapor and heat from cooking (rinsing the induction hob), heat from the fridge/oven door, air circulation in the extractor hood etc…

The why

Why is this challenge important?

Sustainability and reusable energy is a hot topic. Especially looking at the climate crisis, it is important we learn to reuse energy.

The solution

What outcome are we looking for?

A start towards a self-sufficient system of capturing lost energy and reusing it.


What do we expect from the participants?

Creative, out of the box thinking.


We are looking for:
Students in industrial design, sustainable energy, mechanical/electrical engineering, sustainable innovation, industrial design engineering, industrial ecology, applied physics


  • Gain experience
  • Enhance your CV
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Receive a certificate of participation


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Open for Registration


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