Improving the patient journey


The challenge

Improving the patient journey

The barriers of the patient journey with the support of digital technologies.

The why

Why is this challenge important?

It is becoming increasingly important for healthcare organizations to differentiate themselves on the customer experience and customer satisfaction. Patients want to participate more actively in their personal care plan. Exchanging important information, introducing personal needs and giving direction during the stay contribute to a higher satisfaction, but also to the efficiency of the service from the hospital.

Technology helps in this and is playing an increasingly important role. It is clear that this is a continuous development process in which the technology is supportive and not leading. The technology does offer the efficiency and effectiveness whereby the (scarce) healthcare staff can focus on its core task and the administration and organization is automated as much as possible. On the other hand, we also notice a reluctance due to average patient age due to fear of new technology.

The solution

What outcome are we looking for?

An analysis of the existing barriers and ways how they can be solved.


What do we expect from the participants?

Creative, out of the box thinking.


We are looking for:
Students in Business, Economics, Health, IT and Data.


  • Gain experience
  • Enhance your CV
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Receive a certificate of participation

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