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The challenge

Increase the attention for your brand

There is competition for the best candidates, but the business landscape is large and the brand awareness of BtoC companies (think of supermarkets or companies like is greater than that of technical BtoB companies. So how do you win the attention of the (technical) candidate? In short, how can you increase the attention for your brand among generation Z (1995 - ), what do they need of a company and what do they need to know of a company?

Important details: A roll out timeframe 1 year

The why

Why is this challenge important?

The attention of the technical candidate is too little. How do you win the attention of this technical candidate?

The solution

What outcome are we looking for?

What kind of plan? Which tools do you want to use? How will this contribute to meet the KPI you choose, to increase brand awareness for GEA?


What do we expect from the participants?

Creative and out of the box thinking


We are looking for:
Students in International Business Administration, Entrepreneurship & business innovation, Marketing management, Strategic management: Consultancy, New Media Design, Business Communication and Digital Media


  • Gain experience
  • Enhance your CV
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Receive a certificate of participation


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Open for Registration


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