Innovate to Green Challenge

Energy transition
Climate change

The challenge

Innovate to Green Challenge

We are looking for new technologies and products focused on carbon neutrality, or improved energy efficiency of domestic appliances. Proposals can address our current portfolio of products, preferably the products with high energy consumption (see Table 1), or completely new products. For any new product it is important to keep a clear link to our purpose to turn houses into homes.

The why

Why is this challenge important?

At Philips Domestic Appliances (DA), we are on a mission to lead the way to enable a circular economy, while reducing CO2 emissions and improving people’s lives at home. We challenge you to lead the transition in becoming sustainable and join us in impacting our future positively. In the Innovate to Green Challenge, we dare you to come up with innovative ideas and concepts that help to achieve this mission.

The solution

What outcome are we looking for?

Energy consumption can be reduced by lowering the power in different use modes or by reducing the amount of time in a use mode. For example, if a garment can be ironed with the same input power but in half the time the energy consumption is reduced by 50%. 

In this challenge we are looking for ideas that (but are not limited to):

·   Improve energy efficiency by reducing the input power.

·   Allow for a shorter use of the product.

·   Can influence the behavior change of people to reduce power usage.


What do we expect from the participants?

•  Sustainable energy reducing innovation.

•  Simple CO2 offset mechanism proposals, e.g. tree planting are explicitly out of scope.

•  Ideas are for Domestic Appliances (Air Purification, including humidification, dehumidification and temperature control, Coffee, Floor Care, Garment Care, Kitchen Appliances, and adjacencies).

•  Philips brand license industries as TV, Lighting, Personal Health are out of scope.

•  To the best of their knowledge, the submitters warrant that the ideas and inventions are their own, and that they do not knowingly infringe on any existing patents or other third-party intellectual property.

•  We accept ideas and solutions that are of early stage and/or with available proof of concept.


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Philips Domestic Appliances (Philips DA) is a global leader with EUR 2.2 billion sales in 2020 in kitchen, coffee, garment care and home care appliances. Philips DA is active in more than 100 countries, and has a global innovation, manufacturing, and commercial footprint. Its successful products include the Airfryer, Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with LatteGo, Perfect Care Elite steam generator, Air Purifier and SpeedPro Max vacuum cleaner. At Philips DA, we are on a mission to lead the way to enable a circular economy, while reducing CO2 emissions and improving people’s lives at home.

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