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The challenge

KLM Engineering & Maintenance

KLM E&M is an interesting organization with students of different educational levels (from MBO to university). However, these different educational levels do not take each other into account enough in the field of innovation.

For example, if there is innovation within the process, what are the consequences for employees with an MBO educational background? In addition, employees with an MBO educational background can also innovate, but this still happens too little.

The why

Why is this challenge important?

In the field of social innovation, it is important that all layers of the organization can work well together. In this way, new talent is attracted or in-house talent is better recognised.

The solution

What outcome are we looking for?

A renewal in the organization about the organizational structure.


What do we expect from the participants?

An innovative solution in which cooperation between all 'groups' is central.


We are looking for:
Student from different educational backgrounds in vliegtuigbouwkunde, aerospace engineering, aviation, and related studies


  • Gain experience
  • Enhance your CV
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Receive a certificate of participation

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KLM Enigneering & Maintenance

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As an Airline MRO, our role at Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance is to guarantee the smooth operation of the aircraft our customers entrust to us. We are a major multi-product MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) provider. With a workforce of over 12,800, We offer comprehensive technical support ranging from engineering and line maintenance to engine overhaul, aero structure and fan thrust reverser support, as well as the management, repair and supply of components backed by a powerful logistics network. We support almost 3,00 aircraft operated by 200 major airlines.

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