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The challenge

Profcore on the radar

ProfCore wants to know what the current needs/challenges are at companies within the Logistics sector aimed at warehousing and distribution centers. And which solution/Business Model ProfCore within its working area (Central/North Limburg and South-East Brabant) can offer to this target group.

The why

Why is this challenge important?

ProfCore has several branches and Business Units. It was decided to use the challenge at Business Unit North. ProfCore is working on increasing brand awareness in this region. It is noticeable that ProfCore is now particularly known is for the deployment of process operators, while in this region the logistics sector is considerably larger than the process industry. We want to be on the radar of potential clients in the logistics sector. We are therefore of the opinion that the challenge can help us to arrive at new insights.

The solution

What outcome are we looking for?

Mapping the needs/challenges of companies in the warehousing, logistics and distribution centers sector. Explore opportunities that ProfCore can offer these companies in these sectors. Presenting a business model for ProfCore aimed at the logistics sector.


What do we expect from the participants?

Creative, out of the box thinking.


We are looking for:
Students in Business and Logistics.


  • Gain experience
  • Enhance your CV
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Receive a certificate of participation

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Open for Registration


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ProfCore has been a regional leader as a personnel service provider for the process industry and logistics for almost 40 years. With our outsourcing and secondment services, we help clients move forward in the way that creates the most (added) value for them.

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