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Goudappel / Dat.mobility

Vision: "Increasing broad prosperity by creating a sustainable, healthy and safe living environment for everyone."

Mission: "We translate trends, data and insights in the field of mobility and the living environment into relevant decision information for our clients.

We support decisions on mobility issues independently and content-driven and we distinguish ourselves in this market by:

·         Unlock relevant mobility data;

·         Provide reliable information;

·         Provide expert advice;

·         Create support among stakeholders and

·         Provide practical solutions.

Mobility affects all aspects of society, such as vitality, quality of life, sustainability, social cohesion, social participation and the efficient and effective use of public funds.

Goudappel is a household name in the mobility market. We gain the trust of our customers and are often the linchpin in partnerships. Thanks to Dat.Mobility, we are also able to convert available data into useful decision information. In this way we bring together the worlds of mobility data and policy advice and we improve the living environment with our mobility knowledge.

We demonstrably contribute to a sustainable, vital and pleasant society. Our employees set the standard in the mobility market and innovate together to market our services nationally and internationally.

We have now been working on mobility in its social context for more than 50 years. This has resulted in a company with focus, network, diversity, culture and consequences to offer customers a one-stop shop for their (complex) mobility items. We will continue that strategy with advice, IT solutions and mobility services.

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