About us


As a 'digital' IT knowledge partner, we help our customers stay ahead, so that they can quickly respond to changes in their market. We are always curious about innovation and improvement. Together we go for the most suitable solution and the most relevant innovation from the ever-growing range. Not only that, we also implement it safely, efficiently and effectively.

We connect people, processes with the latest technologies. We do this in the fields of data analytics, application development, business innovations, management consulting, cloud & security and architecture and integration. From mobile apps to flexible digital workplace environments and from machine learning to adoption projects and management solutions. But the sector-specific knowledge is not lacking either. For example, we have built up years of experience and our clientele in, among other things, the healthcare, government and financial world.

With more than 1,100 professionals, we offer specialist knowledge, we are agile and flexible, close by and involved, but we also have the clout and scale for the successful implementation of larger projects.

We do the things we do and what we are good at professionally and enthusiastically. We deliver professionally and enterprisingly. That makes us unique!

Our coaches

Eline Verstappen

Joni Wolfs


Thannee Wiering