About us


LIOF is the regional development company of the Province of Limburg. We are responsible for strengthening the economic structure and, accordingly, Limburg's growth. As well as LIOF, six other regional development companies operate in the Netherlands: in Groningen, Gelderland, Noord-Brabant, and Zuid-Holland.

We help Limburg's SMEs grow from start to finish and beyond. By supporting SMEs we stimulate growth in the entire region. If the region grows, so does everyone in it. For LIOF growth is not just about sales and profits but also about greater competitiveness - to offer advantages and generate social returns. LIOF’s work in the region is made tangible by creating jobs in Limburg, providing relevant products and services in and for Limburg.

Our coaches

Eline Verstappen

Hortense Janssen

Thannee Wiering