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MSD Animal Health in the Netherlands has offices in Boxmeer and De Bilt. The Boxmeer location is the largest location within the pharmaceutical industry worldwide when it comes to the development and production of veterinary vaccines. Today about 1400 people work at MSD Animal Health in the Netherlands. One in eight people work in research and development and about half work in production and quality control. The other employees work within support departments and services. The sales organization for the Netherlands is also located in Boxmeer.

A large number of important vaccine development functions (research, development, production, quality control, logistics, marketing and sales) can be found in one location. Thanks to the enormous knowledge, skills and experience of its employees, MSD Animal Health in Boxmeer is a Center of Excellence.

The company regularly demonstrates how innovative it is. For example, in 2015, MSD Animal Health became the first company to market a combination vaccine against Circo and Mycoplasma infections in pigs. This is just one example of the innovative strength of the company and the excellent way of multidisciplinary collaboration between teams in the Netherlands and other branches of the international MSD Animal Health organization.

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