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SPIE sets the world in which we live, work and live in motion. Our A-to-Z solutions help buildings perform optimally, make cities smarter, facilitate the energy transition and make industrial activities more sustainable.

SPIE is the leading independent European pure-player.Our 48,000 employees are committed to working with our customers in order to make the energy transition and digital transformation a success. Spie is active in 4 markets: Smart City, Smart Building, energies en industry services.

As an inseparable part of SPIE Smart Buildings offer a new vision of property value. For the challenges of sustainable construction, there is now a range of technologies and services geared towards the wellbeing of a building’s occupants, the flexibility of the installations and the development of new usage practices.

Health market: Information networks, interoperability between regional health structures, data security, personal medical records, patient comfort, telemedicine… all these aspects of digital hospitals are addressed with the support of healthcare professionals and an organisational setup focused on managing the change.

The various stakeholders in the health sector are currently experiencing a profound transformation of their activities: new medical technologies, developments in the information system, regulatory constraints, cost pressure, increased patient requirements, rigorous security systems... essential challenges for which we can provide support through a range of resources and services deployed across Europe in some 1100 healthcare facilities.

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