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What do we do?

Producer of purified water

We purify the waste water of Limburg: about 150 million m³ of waste water per year. The water flows through an extensive sewerage and piping system to our 17 sewage treatment plants (WWTPs) in Limburg, where we treat it and make it suitable for reuse.

Supplier of raw materials, knowledge and Big Data

We extract both the waste water and the valuable substances from the water. With the circular economy, we have provided both the extracted water and the new raw materials, nutrients and new raw materials. We also make knowledge and Big Data from waste water available for solving socially relevant problems.


We own and manage 150 pumping stations and 530 kilometers of water transport pipelines. In order to keep the purification process running 24/7, we continuously work on the maintenance and renewal of our installations and infrastructure.

Our coaches

Eline Verstappen

Leon Verhaegen

Thannee Wiering