Step On The Box

What we believe

The world and everything within it are currently facing countless challenges. We firmly believe that interdisciplinary collaborations and a challenge-based approach are essential for fostering future-proof innovations. To make these collaborations happen, it is crucial to establish effective ecosystems.

Step On The Box serves as the platform where these ecosystems come to life. We bring together students, organizations, and educational institutions, encouraging them to collaborate on impactful challenges!

Quality Education

Increase awareness of sustainability in education

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Partnership for the Goals

Strengthen global partnertship for sustainable development


A concept by Soapbox

"Step On The Box" is a concept from Soapbox, a youth marketing agency that fosters connections between youngsters and organizations to create a positive impact. Alongside the challenges we organize, we are actively involved in other areas. For instance, our campaign "YouChoose" aims to diminish knife possession among young people, and we also strive to combat plastic pollution in nature through "Captain Fanplastic."

Curious to learn more about Soapbox? Visit (Dutch) and discover how we can collaborate for mutual benefits.