Step On The Box

Chemicals & Materials Hackathon

We are looking for:
Students in the technical field.

35 available
Registration deadline
10 Oct 2024
17 Oct 2024
1. Description of the challenge

During this hackathon, you are tasked with developing cutting-edge solutions in the realm of chemicals and materials. The challenges will be presented by partners from our University Challenges. You'll work in teams with other students to design, prototype, and potentially implement innovative systems that leverage the latest advancements in chemical technology and materials science. This could involve the use of advanced materials, new chemical processes, sustainable production, or methods that reduce emissions and improve overall efficiency.

The program is filled with elements designed to inspire you around chemicals & materials
09:30 Walk-in
10:00 Welcome and keynote speaker
11:00 Problem definition by the company
11:30 Brainstorm your first ideas  
12:30 Feedback on your first ideas
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Prioritise, validate, research your solution together with experts from the industry
16:00 Present your ultimate solution to the company
16:30 Speed dates with companies for the next step in your career
18:00 Drinks & pizza
19:00 End of event

2. Expected outcome

An innovative solution to the challenges posed by the University Challenge partners.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to come together with organisations and students in the field of Chemicals & materials. Be inspired by industry experts, work on real business challenges, and connect with these companies for the next step in your career. 

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