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Sustainalize our Bus: The Execution!

We are looking for:
Enthausiastic student teams!

Registration deadline
29 Nov 2021
30 Nov 2021
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 111, 1021 KP Amsterdam, Netherlands, Remote
1. Description of the challenge

The bus challenge

Our double decker from 1952 is automotive history and is polluting the environment. The challenge is finding solutions to make the bus as green as possible and execute them.

The first part is finished and we have a winning proposal. The proposal of the team that won becomes the blueprint for the second challenge. If you want to take a look at the proposal, send an e-mail. 

Part 2: The execution plan

For this challenge we have the same dedicated jury formed by Dhr. Prof. Dr. Ir. maarten Steinbuch, scientific director van TUE, Dhr. Martijn Noordam, CTO EMOSS and, Dhr. Jaap Dietz, director of Recruit a Student. They will judge the second challenge meeting the primary conditions.

  • transport at least 11 people including the driver
  • range of minimal 250 km
  • V2G possibility
  • A speed of 90 km per hour
2. Expected outcome

The proposals will be rated with the following criteria (5 points per %, total 100% = 500 points).

  • How many MBO students are part of the team 25 %*
  • Make a workflow and timetable according the blueprint for converting the double decker 25%
  • Indicate who will carry out which tasks and if third parties are involved 20%
  • Make a detailed cost proposal 10%
  • Describe where and how you implement the cradle to cradle principle 10%
  • Define for which parts you can use Dutch suppliers 10%

* The first criterium needs explanation. This challenge is also about executing. This means you need people with practical skills and all team members should have enough time to finish the job by end of may 2022.

Maximum score for this item is 5 points when your team contributes a minimum of 3 MBO - post secundary vocational - students (125 points).

2 MBO members = 3 points / 75 points. 1 MBO student is 1 point / 25 points and zero doesn't give a score. 

What do we expect from the participants?

Bus inspection: For the second challenge it is again possible to take a closer look at the bus in Breda. The bus will be on a special bridge where you can see all sides of the historical bus, so you will know what you are going to deal with. 

December 1st, and 6th. Between 15.00 and 18.00 you can drop in. Please give notice when you come along to to reserve a time for your team!

Timetable: The submission of max 5 pages for the second challenge must be handed in before December the 13th. On December the 15th the winner of the second challenge will be announced and the second price of 25.000 euro will be handed out.

Participation: Sign up for this second challenge as soon as possible with our partners from Soapbox by sending a mail to: with your cv. You can sign up by yourself or with a team. Teams need to have a mimimum of 5 people. If you sign up by yourself our partners from soapbox will team you up. 

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