Step On The Box

4TU ideation Lab powered by TU Delft, TU/e, UT and WUR

We are looking for:
HBO/WO students from various disciplines to be paired in teams with a technology or research group.

100 available
Registration deadline
7 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024
Utrecht, Netherlands, Onsite
1. Description of the challenge

The program offers a unique opportunity to engage with groundbreaking technologies at an early stage. These technologies do not yet have founding teams, only research teams. If interested, students can pitch for a role within the initiative after the program.

We cannot promise anything in advance, as the outcome is uncertain (startup/license/nothing).

Additionally, there must be a good match within the team. Our experience shows that if a student wishes to continue, this is usually possible. Depending greatly on the student's stage in their educational career, this can become a part-time job, a graduation thesis, a PhD position, or sometimes a co-founder role.

The Fellows in the program explore the commercial potential of technologies and research coming from 4TUs. It’s very much an entrepreneurial and challenge-based experience guided by workshops and business coaches. 

2. Expected outcome

The students will receive intensive coaching and guidance to explore the value proposition of an early-stage technology. This provides them with real-life experience in entrepreneurship.

We expect it to be a rewarding journey useful for your career, no matter what path you decide to take after your studies. The program starts on September 20th , 2024 and the final deliverable (official end) is on February 21st, 2025. 

If you would like to participate, we need a bit more information about you. Next to signing up on Step on the Box, please do not forget to register as well using this link. 

About 4TU Ideation Lab

The 4TU.Centre for Engineering Education believes in jointly inspiring, stimulating, supporting and disseminating effective and high quality Engineering Education through research and application of evidence-based innovations.

The Board of the 4TU.Federation has decided to set up and maintain a Centre for Engineering Education.
4TU.CEE aims to gather, develop and implement up-to-date expertise in engineering education. New insights in the field of education are implemented and the effectiveness of the improvements is monitored and analysed. The expertise and experiences of all four partner universities is exchanged to benefit all.

4TU.CEE facilitates teaching staff to improve their teaching competencies by developing, exploring and demonstrating the newest educational methods.

An explicit task of 4TU.CEE is to contribute to the international community of engineering education and to seek cooperation where appropriate. 4TU.CEE collaborates with educational communities such as SEFI, CDIO, and related organisations. 4TU.CEE organises conferences and workshops on Engineering Education. These events provide a platform for TU teaching staff to share their experiences and get inspired in an international setting.

4TU.CEE is funded by the universities themselves and by external sponsors such as the Dutch Ministry of Education and Sciences.