Step On The Box

Increase citizens' willingness to report

Registration deadline
13 May 2021
19 May 2022
1. Description of the challenge
In today's complex and interconnected society, ensuring the safety and security of our communities relies heavily on the active participation and cooperation of its members. Citizen engagement and the willingness to report suspicious activities, crimes, or potential threats are critical components of maintaining public safety. How do we ensure that we can increase citizens' willingness to report?
2. Expected outcome

Effective and sustainable tools/handles to achieve set goals.

Dutch-speaking students only.

About Politie Nederland

The Netherlands has one national police force that is comprised of ten regional units, and one central unit tasked with specialised duties. The Netherlands Police have 65,000 employees: 51,000 police officers and 14,000 employees who fulfil other roles supporting police work. Police officers are at the heart of society, close to the news. The police are where it happens. Our actions are always under a magnifying glass. We are there for everyone in our diverse society, 24 hours a day. Integrity, courage, reliability and binding are our core values.