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Keeping healthcare accessible, affordable, and of high quality

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Students in healthcare, health sciences, health technology and engineering, business, innovation

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5 Oct 2023
12 Oct 2023
Vestdijk & LF51 Kempenroute, 5611 CA Eindhoven, Netherlands, Hybrid
1. Description of the challenge

Healthcare is about to enter a period of rapid change. As the world’s population continues to age there will be a greater need for healthcare services. New technologies and discoveries – as well as patient empowerment and rising healthcare costs, are some of the many factors which will fundamentally change how we prevent, diagnose, and cure diseases.
Also, the arrival of Covid-19 disrupted healthcare in various ways. Healthcare providers need to invest in strategies to improve the resilience of their healthcare systems for future emergencies. The quality of healthcare is at risk.

How can healthcare stay accessible, affordable, and of high quality for all? What will the future of healthcare look like?

The Global Business Unit Healthcare within DLL helps Healthcare professionals acquire equipment and technology to meet the needs of a growing world population. DLL adds value by offering flexible financing solutions that help hospitals, dentists, veterinarians, and laboratories obtain the latest equipment without having to rely on their own capital.
For DLL and its parent Rabobank, there is a focus on how to support our partners in their journey toward a more sustainable future. This includes lifecycle asset management and financing used healthcare equipment next to new equipment.

2. Expected outcome

An answer to the question: How can healthcare stay accessible, affordable, and of high quality for all? What will the future of healthcare look like?

About DLL

DLL is an international vendor finance organization with more than 30 billion euros in assets. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Eindhoven, the company provides asset-based financing solutions in the agri, food, healthcare, clean technology, construction, transportation, industrial, and office equipments. DLL is a global asset finance partner enabling businesses to more easily access equipment, technology and software to help them grow. We deliver sustainable and effective financing solutions, along with insights and advice, that drive smarter and more economical use of capital assets.

With more than 50 years of industry experience, we understand the unique needs of our partners and customers around the world and work hard to provide flexible solutions to meet their objectives. Headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, DLL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group.