Step On The Box

From Idea to Investment: The Startup Pitch Challenge

We are looking for:
Students in the field of Engineering and Finance

15 available
Registration deadline
23 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024
Goirleseweg 15, 5026 PB Tilburg, Netherlands, Onsite
1. Description of the challenge

Two possibilities:

1. Creating a pitch-deck from start-up perspective and presenting it to investors, 
2. An assessment of the pitch from perspective of investor

Starting entrepreneurs are challenged with diverging investment-tips from credible and non-credible investors, which will be confusing. The challenge of BOM is to help develop a start-up develop most efficiently (least amount of time and financial funding need)

2. Expected outcome

Two possibilities:

1. Help starting (student) entrepreneurs which investment-criteria are important
2. Help financial students familiarise with Venture Capital 

About BOM

Entrepreneurship is the driver of innovation. From sustainable food, a healthy future, climate-neutral energy to the development of promising key technologies. The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) ensures that start-ups that contribute to this get off to a flying start with the right support and financing. We also ensure that companies with internationalization ambitions can achieve them. Each year, BOM realizes impact together with dozens of companies. The BOM is an implementing agency of the Province of North Brabant and the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate.