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Pelvic health: awareness & therapy

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Students in the field of healthcare, communication and business

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25 Apr 2024
2 May 2024
Endepolsdomein 5, 6229 GW Maastricht, Netherlands, Onsite
1. Description of the challenge

To transform the patient’s experience by coming with innovative solutions to reduce the time patients need to consult with a GP and identify effective treatments for pelvic floor problems issues like fecal incontinence (FI) and overactive bladder (OAB). 

Pelvic floor problems such FI, OAB and retention remains a real taboo subject. Despite their significant impact on quality of
life, these conditions are frequently overlooked due to their non-life-threatening nature, relegating them to a lower priority
compared to other health concerns. In addition, GP often lack comprehensive knowledge of available treatment options, further hindering effective management and support for those affected.

2. Expected outcome

Answer to the questions: 

1. How do we get more awareness around this topic?

2. How can we tackle this issue better? 

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