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Verbond van Verzekeraars

Verbond van Verzekeraars

Bordewijklaan 2
2591 XR Den Haag

The Dutch Association of Insurers is the advocacy group of damage and life insurers in the Netherlands. The Association represents the interests of its members and links them to the interests of society. More than 95 percent of all Dutch insurers are members of the Association. We have set the course to develop ourselves into an Open platform: A platform that connects insurers, stakeholders and organizations from both inside and outside of the sector. Together we want to create added value for customers, learn from each other and find answers to challenging issues that affect us all. Think of the impact of technological developments and data. Society is data driven and this also applies to the insurance sector. Also, industry expansion, changing customer behavior and social themes such as sustainability are very relevant. We take on the challenge of making everyone aware of the importance of a well-functioning insurance market: indispensable within the insurance sector and for society as a whole.

Improving on personal injury claims

Currently, the process of handling personal injury claims is often slow, costly, and prone to errors.

  • Students in Data science, IT, Health Sciences, Law and Business

  • Onsite
  • 10 May 2023
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Cybercrime, the risks and prevention

Help us decrease the problem of cybercrime!

  • Students in Data/Computer Science, IT, Software Engineering, Psychology & Technology, Communication and Information Sciences, Business, Law, and Criminology

  • Dellaertweg 1, 2316 XB Leiden, Netherlands, Onsite
  • 15 Mar 2023
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Insurance Challenge

How can insurers position themselves as a life partner instead of a risk cover?

  • Students in IT, Data science, Artificial Intelligence

  • Bordewijklaan 2, 2591 XR Den Haag, Netherlands, Onsite
  • 23 Nov 2022
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War on Talent

How can we recruit you?

  • Students in IT, Data science, HR, Marketing, Communication, business administration etc.

  • The Hague, Netherlands, Onsite
  • 22 Sep 2022
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Sustainability and insurance

Sustainability in the insurance sector

  • Students in business, sustainability, data, law

  • Utrecht, Netherlands, Onsite
  • 31 May 2022
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Hoe kan AI helpen bij verzekerbaarheid?

  • Studenten van IT, AI, data, Duurzaamheid, Business, Finance

  • Aegonplein 50, 2591 TV Den Haag, Netherlands, Onsite
  • 1 Nov 2023
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Innovative Strategies for Insurers

The Association of Insurers faces the challenge of developing innovative strategies that enable insurers to prevent more damages preventively across various domains.

  • Students in the field of Data science, IT, and Business

  • Coolsingel 120, 3012 AG Rotterdam, Netherlands, Onsite
  • 18 Sep 2024
Deadline registration 11 Sep 2024
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Affordability of Insurance

The challenge at hand is to devise strategies that ensure the affordability of insurance products while effectively managing risks, particularly in the face of increasing claims resulting from climate change.

  • Students in the field of Data science, IT, and Business

  • Pr. Beatrixlaan 35, 2595 AK Den Haag, Netherlands, Onsite
  • 16 Oct 2024
Deadline registration 9 Oct 2024
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